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Latest M3GPS Web Updater Version 1.1.0 Release! Print E-mail

We've release the new M3GPS Web Updater Version 1.1.0! Please proceed to download it from the support site. All PAPAGO! and WayWay users who bought from our authorised dealer are able to download this tool for FREE!.

If you have not registered your PAPAGO! or WayWay unit, pls proceed to key in your serial number under MY ACCOUNT section.

Among the updates:

- Fixed many known bugs.
- Functionality to backup individual map.
- Able to update serial number for 1st time registration
- Functionality to delete POI
- User Manual download link
- New link : M3Magazine and Promotion and Updates

*A major update will be coming soon with a new added feature! Stay tuned!

*Please be patient as many people are downloading at the same time. Thank you for your consideration and support.