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Understanding the files in your Nuvi drive Print E-mail

When you connect your Nuvi to your PC or laptop with a USB cable, you will notice Nuvi's content to be something like below:

nuvi content

Below is a brief explanation of the folders and files:

  • Diag folder - used by Garmin
  • ExtData folder - used by Garmin
  • GPX folder - stores your trip log. You can open the GPX files within this folder with Mapsource
  • Help folder - stores help files in different languages
  • JCV folder - stores Junction View files on models which support such feature
  • JPEG folder - stores Nuvi's default pictures and splash screens. You can add more jpg files into this folder
  • POI folder - stores custom POI and travel guide files. These files are with .GPI extensions. It is ok to delete these files if you are sure you don't want them
  • RemoteSW folder- used by Garmin for unit software update
  • Scrn folder - stores your screen capture images. The files are in bitmap (BMP) format and could be opened with Window's Paint application
  • Text folder - stores default and custom messages and keyboard layouts. These are text files with .GTT extensions. You can edit them with a text editor.
  • Vehicle folder - stores Garmin vehicle icons. Files are with .SRF extension. You can add and delete these files. 
  • Voice folder - stores Garmin voice guidance files. Files are with .VPM extension. You can delete unused voice files but do so with care.

  • GarminDevice.xml - stores information about your Nuvi to facilitate tranfer of data to/from your Nuvi. Leave this file alone.
  • gmapbmap.img - Garmin base map (worldwide map)
  • gmapprom.img - Garmin pre-programmed (preloaded) map. Back up this file before deleting or overwriting it.
  • gmapprom1.img - Garmin pre-programmed (preloaded) map. Back up this file before deleting or overwriting it.
  • gmapsupp.img - This is the common file name for Garmin maps.
  • gmapsupp.unl - Unlock code file for Garmin supplementary map.
  • gmaptz.img - Garmin time zone map. Leave this file alone.
  • GUPDATE.GCD - Used for Garmin firmware update. Leave this file alone.
  • Locales.xml - stores default language, currency sign, time zone, etc settings for different countries. Leave this file alone
How to return quickly Nuvi main menu Print E-mail


Anywhere within your Nuvi menu options, holding the back button for a while will bring you back to the main menu.



Tapping on different areas of your map screen Print E-mail

 Tapping on different areas of your map screen

 Tapping on different areas of your map screen will activate different Nuvi features.


At the map screen, tapping on the vehicle icon will bring you to the Where Am I? screen where you have easy access to the nearest hospitals, police stations and gas stations. You can also save your current location as a favorite on this screen.



At the map screen, tapping anywhere else on the map will bring you to the Browse Map screen where you can either save your current location, set your new location to simulate routing (you have to turn on simulator mode), or select a new destination to go to.


Tapping the speed panel will open the trip statistics panel.



If you are navigating towards a destination, tapping the green bar on the top will open the turn-by-turn guidance screen. On this screen, you can either view each turn junction or view the overall trip map.



How to activate Nuvi's Diagnostic Screen Print E-mail

Activating Nuvi's Diagnostic Screen




At Nuvi's main menu, press and hold the battery indicator for about 10 seconds. You will activate the diagnostic screen where you can check if there is any malfunction.




How to activate Nuvi's Satellite Status Screen Print E-mail

Activating the Satellite Status Screen



At Nuvi's main menu, press and hold the GPS signal indicator for about 4 seconds. Your Nuvi will display the signal status page. You need 4 satellite fixes to start navigation. If the GPS signal indicator shows a cross, it means you are in simulation mode (Nuvi is not accepting GPS signals) 



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