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Please download your Map Updates from here :-


For PAPAGO S1 version: (May 2016) 

or Direct Download :


For M3 Asia X8.5 / X9 version: (May 2016)

or Direct Download :


For M3 Asia X5-X7 version:


 *You may need to register a FREE account on to download the latest maps.

Check for updates regularly.

 Maps are provided free by


Steps To Update After Downloading the Latest Maps


1> After Downloading, extract the files to your computer with WinRar, or WinZip. Remember the location where you've extracted the files to.
2> Insert your Software SD card to your PC/Laptop or Card Reader.
3> Copy the new Map Folder from the link above, into your SD card, inside MAPS folder.
4> After finish copying, insert your SD Card Navigation Software back to your Car Device and load the software.
5> Proceed to Advance Settings > Map Switch, and choose the latest Malfreemap version. Map Switching will take awhile to load, please do not click multiple times.

  You May Contact/E-Mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if you face any problems.


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With the growing numbers of Personal Navigators brands in the market, it is now possible to enhance your devices with M3GPS navigation software installed in it. M3 Asia offers a unique service to provide secured and customised M3GPS OEM Navigation Software, powered by PAPAGO!, to their clients.

Preinstalled with the improved the M3GPS X8 / X8.5  OEM Navigational Software boasts not only with it's original features such as Junction View, 3D Buildings, Lane Assist, Multi-Route and language support, but also improved maps details, route calculation, POI alerts and icons and much much more!