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We have introduced Travel Guides for PAPAGO! X7 users! Head over to the forum to check out how to install it to your PND and also give feedback and POIs to add on to the guides!

Forum link here: 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from M3GPS Support!

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M3GPS Web Updater 

We have released our new Web Updater! This Web Updater will assist you in getting the latest map and software updates for your Papago and Wayway GPS Device and also enables you to upload and download latest POIs in just a few clicks. We have also included a few useful links that will enhance your GPS navigation experience. Check it out NOW!  

Please register your device and download the Web Updater installer from the menu on the left panel under M3GPS Web Updater or by clicking on the M3GPS Web Updater banner above. An installation guide is provided together with the installer to guide you through the installation process. If you have any feedback and suggestions, please share your views in the M3 Asia Web Updater Forum in order to help us improve on the Web Updater in future releases.

A user manual on the various functions of the Web Updater can also be found together with the installation package. We hope you enjoy the Web Updater and we look forward to serving you better.  

  POI Manager for iPhone

Use the POI Manager to manage your POIs and share them with family and friends or download new public POIs to discover new places. For those always on the move, POI Manager is now available in the Apps Store for your iPhone. Click on the banner above to download and start exploring today! The Android version is available here!