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1. Do I need to pay monthly fees to use GPS?

No. GPS is a free service. Using GPS on your Personal Navigation Device (PND) and Mobile DOES NOT incur network operator data charges, i.e. WAP/GPRS/3G. Some Mobile phones supports AGPS which may be charged by your local Telco.


2. Do I need to pay for software and map updates?

M3GPS Software: (Eg. Altina, PAPAGO, WayWay)

At the moment, software updates and Maps are free. Users can enjoy free updates after registering to the support site. Free Maps updates are supplied by community mappers (For Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei) and (For Indonesia)

Garmin Software:
Software updates for your Garmin device is free. Click here for more details.

Garmin Maps:
There will be no update for official Garmin maps. However, free Garmin community maps such as are available from their sites.

Free map updates within the same software version. E.g. If you buy Mapking 2007 Peninsula Malaysia map, you can download any new Peninsula Map whenever they are available.


3. How often are the maps updated?

M3GPS: You may download the latest version from ( For Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei) and (For Indonesia).
Usually one update per year. Free maps are updated more frequently, either monthly of weekly.
Mapking: Please check for latest maps.


4. How do I update maps for PAPAGO and WAYWAY GPS Navigators?

1. Download the Maps from
2. Extract the file to your PC/Laptop(Default Folder: C:/Navi/Maps/MFM)
3. On your GPS unit until the Menu and connect your device to your PC/Laptop by using USB Cable.( A new external drive will be detected on your computer)
4. Copy all the files in from C:/Navi/Maps/MFM/ to the external drive X:/MobileNavigator/Maps/MFM/

*Please note that if your unit is a HD (High Definition - HD 5001, Q5032, Q6031) mode, you are required to copy the Standard_VGA.MB6 file over from the old MFM folder. The Standard_VGA.MB6 file is also downloadable from our Support site.

5. Disconnect your device from the PC/Laptop and restart your unit.
6. The map should be updated now. Please goto Advance Settings > Maps Switch to ensure the map updated.


5. Where can I get free GPS maps?

M3GPS: You may download the latest version from ( For Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei) and (For Indonesia)
Garmin: You may download the latest maps from or
Mapking: If you have bought and registered our Mapking Peninsula Malaysia map for us, you can download and use Malsingmaps' Mapking map
Or check out our estore for our latest hot promotions at


6. Can I use Mapking maps on my Garmin device or vice versa?

No. The map format is proprietary. You can only use maps which are specifically made for the product.


7. Where can I get maps of East Malaysia? 

East Malaysia maps are available at and


8. Can I receive GPS at all locations?

GPS signal can only be received when you are in an unsheltered area. You will not receive any GPS signal while in a building, tunnel or underground car park, etc.


9. What should I do if I cannot acquire GPS signal?

You need to be an unsheltered area, and wait a few minutes to get connected.

Some tips that may help:

  • If your unit is trying to acquire satellites for the first time, it is normal for it to take a while to establish its initial position.
  • If you have just finished updating the software in your unit or you have performed a master reset, your unit may take longer than normal to acquire.
  • If your unit has travelled a long distance while turned off or not tracking your travel, it may take a longer period of time to acquire.
  • If your unit has not been used for an extended period of time, it may take a longer period of time to acquire.
  • If your vehicle has a protective coating on its windshield or electronic devices which interfere with the unit receiving signal, you may need an external antenna.
  • If your unit is not acquiring satellites, it is recommended that you place the unit in a stationary position where it has a clear view of the sky. In some cases it may be necessary to take the unit outside of your vehicle as certain vehicles inhibit the unit from acquiring satellites. As the unit receives signal from the satellites, it will begin to lock on to them individually until it has acquired enough information to establish your position

10. What is the warranty policy for PAPAGO! and WayWay GPS devices?

Limited 12 months warranty is provided by M3 Asia Sdn Bhd on the condition that your product was purchased from an authorised distributor or reseller/dealer (Unless stated otherwise on the warranty card). The warranty does not cover user inflicted damages, inappropriate usage, misuse or unauthorised updates from any third party supplier and/or modification made from the original product. M3 Asia Sdn Bhd reserves the right to void any warranty claims deemed not justifiable and applicable.

11. Where can I find the latest GPS Navigators and Promotions?

Visit to checkout the latest promotions and bargains.