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MapKing Registration Guide Print E-mail

1. Point your browser to and navigate through the product registration menu to the registration page for Mapking for Pocket PC. Alternatively, go the direct URL:

2. To register, you need (1) Product Authorization Code and (2) MKID. Please find your product authorization card on your Mapking product card. Obtain your MKID from the Mapking software.

3a. M3GPS offers you another free map in addition to the Mapking Peninsula Malaysia map. Please select your choice of for the second map during registration. Please decide carefully as you cannot change your choice after registration.

3b. Mapking has a wide range of maps for you to choose as your bonus map. You can download and try them for up to 3 days from M3GPS?s estore to help you decide.

3c. Check and confirm your choice by clicking on the Confirm button.

4. Mapking?s registration system will return the registration codes for both your maps. Use these registration codes to unlock your maps. A copy of your registration information will be sent to your email address. Please keep it for reference and support request purposes.