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Android Edition
We design our products with the customer in mind. Our goal is to make your drive better. We continuously develop innovative technologies that let you arrive easily, help you to save time & money and increase your safety. 
Now, let’s enjoy the fun & convenience from PAPAGO! Navigation System on Android!

Supported Mobile List:

SAMSUNG: I7500 (only support to install to internal flash)

PAPAGO! X5 GPS Navigation System Features

★3D landmarks
Uses advanced drawing technologies in mapping major landmarks and buildings to provide a vivid view while driving on the road.

★3D Buildings display in urban areasUses virtual 3D technologies to display real environment of all urban streets.

★Junction View of national freeway/ expressway entrancePicture-clear display of exit ramps, clearly showing their actual status.

★Graphical navigation interfaceA user-friendly navigation interface that is easy to use for people of any age.

★High performance X5 navigation engineSmooth 3D navigation display that shows every junction in detail.

★Simple voice navigation directionsThe voice navigation feature has been re-designed based on the long-term experience of 17 professional drivers to provide simple and easy to understand directions. 

PAPAGO! X5 GPS Navigation System's Intuitive Guidance Interface

★Clear and easy to read navigation information display

★Alternative routes planning function

★Pre-recorded human voice announcements

★Fully-featured data search engine for smart full text search of roads, POI, junctions and coordinates.

★User-defined favorites