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Useful Tips and Guide for PAPAGO! & WayWay PND Print E-mail

1) Please ensure you register your PND at our support site to enjoy updates and customer support. Log on to for registration and info.

2) It is recommended to charge the unit for about 5 hours for the first time to ensure you have enough battery for normal usage. It is advisable to plug in the vehicle power cable at all times while driving.

3) Ensure the unit is shutdown or on standby/suspend when not in used for maximum charging efficiency.

4) Reduce the brightness to prolong battery usage. Battery life expectancy for a fully charged device may vary between 1.5 to 2hrs depending on settings and battery lifetime.

5) To Switch maps between Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, you can go to Advance Settings and select Switch Maps.

6) Do not use sharp instruments on the Touchscreen. This may scratch the screen permanently. Apply a screen protector if possible.

7) Do not leave your PND in the car unattended.

8) Warranty will be void once the PND battery and internal hardware is opened or replaced with unauthorized components.

9) Use only authorized PND chargers as other brands may have different output which will damage your PND.

10) Do not expose your PND to direct sunlight or heat for prolonged duration.


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